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Jenn Murray

By day, I'm a web designer with branding & marketing expertise.

By night, I use my creative talents to inspire, encourage, and support web professionals and DIY Designers alike.

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Resources for Web Professionals

Savvy Side Projects

Savvy Side Projects provides practical wisdom on how to approach side projects in a “work smarter, not harder” kind-of-way. The content is organized into five sections, based on five common reasons designers often pursue side projects.

Also available on the site is the Savvy Side Projects eBook.

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Resources for DIY Designers

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Design for the Business Mind

DIY Designers (as I call them) are solo entrepreneurs who recognize top-notch design and understand its importance to their business. Yet, not being able to afford a professional on the onset, they are left trying to execute quality design themselves. Ultimately, this results in endless Google searches and a lot of frustration.

Design for the Business Mind aims to fill that gap by providing eBooks and other resources specifically created for the DIY Designer.

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